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Acronis Cybercloud

The ultimate protection for 24/7, safe and secure mailbox backup

What's Acronis Cybercloud Mailbox Backup?

Classed as the ultimate defense for customer mailboxes, Acronis Microsoft 365 Mailbox Backup helps prevent against data loss with 24/7 backup for emails, contacts, contacts, attachments and tasks. Restore and send info to mailboxes immediately from the web console, schedule backups and sync to existing and newly created mailboxes.

Why Do I Want To Back Up My Microsoft 365 Data?

Microsoft only replicates your Microsoft 365 information inside their data centers and will only keep messages from the deleted items folder for up to 30 days . In case you inadvertently delete a message from this folder, or if a person maliciously deletes it, then the original data might not be retrievable. With many companies subject to an email retention interval duration for regulatory compliance, mailbox backup and the ability to recoup individual messages or whole mailboxes becomes mandatory.

Microsoft ony reproduces your Microsoft 365 information within their data centers and will only keep messages from the deleted items folder for up to 30 times by default

Scheduling Backups

Backups are performed daily by default when using Agentless cloud-to-cloud, it will automatically launch chosen mailbox backups daily once you put on the schedule. The first time you run a backup for an individual’s Microsoft 365 mailbox, it will always be a’full backup’ and will require more time to finish. Any subsequent copies will take less time as they are incremental.

Why Choose Acronis Cybercloud Mailbox Backup?

Whether you will need to recover a single message, an attachment, 1 mailbox or multiple, Acronis Microsoft 365 Mailbox Backup is simple to use and incredibly agile. Additionally, the instant restore feature means that you can recover messages quickly to get a worry-free experience.

70% Of Microsoft 365 Users Worldwide Use Exchange Online, Yet 29% Of Companies Don’t Protect Their Cloud Data And, Of Those That Do, A Staggering 80% Have Lost Data

Stay Secure With 24/7 Backup For Your Office 365 Mailbox

Guarding your mailbox against real time cyber threats is much more important today than ever. Educating your employees about how to spot a malicious email can be especially difficult and a substantial strain on your resources, especially when cyber criminals are using a lot more refined and advanced tactics to target companies — big or small.

With Acronis Microsoft 365 Mailbox Backup, you do not have to face losing your precious data. Stored safely and securely inside a UK Acronis Tier-IV data center, your mailbox data could be backed up 24 hours a day, seven days per week. It’s the best protection for your emails, contacts, contacts, attachments and tasks.

Will My Data Be Safe?

When you put your information in the cloud, it stays yours and is accessible at any given stage and anyplace. With Acronis, all backed up client data is stored in an extremely secure UK-based Acronis Tier-IV data center that’s reinforced by a 99.995% Service Level Agreement. This means you get peace of mind knowing your data is secure and can be obtained via the Acronis web portal at any time.

Acronis provides over 5 million clients with world-class backup protection daily. As an award-winning pioneer in data backup and file management, you understand their solutions are reliable.

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