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Exclaimer Cloud

Signatures For Microsoft 365

Professional, intuitive and simple email signature software designed for Microsoft 365

What's Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures For Microsoft 365?

Exclaimer is easy to use, professional email signature software that is designed for Microsoft 365. It works by utilizing your company’s Microsoft 365 Directory to pull through your contact information and attach it to all inbound or outbound mails from your mailbox. With a online management portal, signatures can be quickly designed and applied to any person or group without having any electronic or design experience.

Its intuitive and smart signature editor comes with a handy drag-and-drop interface, so signatures can be easily duplicated and updated immediately. Exclaimer also functions wherever your employees go, on any device they take — be it when they’re on their daily commute, working from home or at a customer website. Every touch delivered through their Microsoft 365 mailbox will appear exactly the same, regardless of whether they use desktop PC and Mac, mobile or tablet, ensuring that your brand has the identical look and feel everywhere.

How Does Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures For Microsoft 365 Work?

Exclaimer can be configured to pass email signatures via your Microsoft 365 mailboxes in one of three ways; server-side, client-side, along with a mixture of both server-side and client-side.

When working with the cloud from serverside configurations, Exclaimer operates by passing mail from the client’s Microsoft 365 mailbox through to Exclaimer’s Azure servers using Microsoft 365 connectors. Then regional, load-balanced Azure servers
Add signatures to all emails sent from any device — be it desktop PC, notebook, tablet, mobile and mac.

For client-side and server-side configurations, email signatures are set up to Outlook and can also be passed through Azure. This means that you still have the choice to select a signature when composing an email, and you will also receive signatures stamped on emails sent from mobile devices and macs.

Fully Compliant, Trusted By Millions

As a multi award-winning firm, Exclaimer is famous for their innovative email signature program. Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Microsoft 365 is the only solution of its type to be awarded the ISO 27001 certification, meaning it adheres to the highest standards of cloud safety. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform and Application Development spouse, Exclaimer is recognised around the world and its software is used by 50 million users across 150+ countries.

Under UK law, it is critical that businesses comply by incorporating certain information onto their email disclaimer. If your company is a LTD, PLC, or LLP, then it must include the business name, the registration number and the location it had been registered, together with a registered office address. Exclaimer ensures that your email signatures are fully compliant with UK law by doing all of this for you, so there is no need to worry.

The Advantages Of Using Exclaimer

Intuitive Signature Editor

Features a drag-and-drop editor for fast and effortless design allowing users of any ability to create email signatures.

Unlimited Signature Creation

There is no limit to how many signatures you may produce -- create templates for individual users, departments or personnel who speak different languages.

Deliver Brand Consistency

Apply company-wide signatures using a skilled and consistent structure with the addition of logos, promotional banners and your custom font.

Generate Inbound Marketing

Apply custom date and time ranges on Office 365 signatures to work with advertising campaigns, promotional events or seasonal supplies to create inbound marketing, saving on costs.

Choose From Outlook

Allows users to pick an Office 365 signature in Outlook since they write a message, giving them more flexibility.

Works On All Devices

Microsoft 365 signatures are employed to emails sent on all devices, including Mac and mobile so users stay compliant and professional everywhere they go.

How It Works

Cutting-edge technology built from the world’s top email signature solution provider.

The Best Email Signature Solution For Microsoft 365

Award-winning service to add and design professional signatures to all Microsoft 365 email.

Using a intelligent and intuitive UI intended for users of all technical skills, Exclaimer email signatures can be made in minutes by anyone.

The Common Pain Points

If you have ever made an email signature from scratch to your own organization, you will know just how time consuming it can be. With Microsoft 365, it can be just as tricky to make signatures since there’s no real way to check their designs with a preview function or embed HTML pictures for upselling and cross-selling. The biggest culprits are…

Why Choose Exclaimer Cloud - Signature For Office 365?

Intuitive signature editor

Features a drag-and-drop editor for quick and easy design allowing users of any ability to create email signatures.

Generate inbound marketing

Apply custom time and date ranges on Office 365 signatures to work with marketing campaigns, promotional events or seasonal offers to generate inbound marketing, saving on costs.

Unlimited signature creation

There’s no limit to how many signatures you can create – build templates for individual users, departments or employees who speak different languages.

Choose from outlook

Allows users to choose an Office 365 signature in Outlook as they compose a message, giving them more flexibility.

Deliver brand consistency

Apply company-wide signatures with a professional and consistent structure by adding logos, promotional banners and your custom font.

Works on all devices

Office 365 signatures are applied to emails sent on all devices, including Mac and mobile so users remain professional and compliant everywhere they go.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Email Signatures

Make It Social

Social media is on the mind of every marketer right now – use your signature to connect social with mail. Firstly, give contacts a taste of your content: put a recent Tweet or a blog post snippet (the whole post won’t fit) under your signature. Then, add a social media link so they can Twitter Follow or Facebook Share in a click. Unilever added a Follow link and went from 40,000 Followers to 235,000 in just 10 months – for free.

Make It Simple

Keep the layout as robust as possible – let the images and links make an impact, not the way they’re arranged. If you try something overthe-top or ambitious, be prepared to back it up with lots of testing. In fact, if you have a decent way to test how it will look in lots of different email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail), then be our guest – but be sure that it’s solid enough to stay well-presented in lots of circumstances.

Use The Right Tools

It sounds vague but keep it in your mind – it’s a signature, not a word document, not a web page and not an image on its own. If you know HTML, code it accordingly – avoid some of the pitfalls we’ll detail further on. If you don’t know HTML, don’t use Microsoft Word or Outlook to draw your template. They’ll format it in their own way: any other program (or another version of that same program) may interpret the layout differently and display it incorrectly.

Use Jpegs

PNGs are not right for mail. That may defy some of the accepted practice you’ve been taught about the web – of course it won’t, this isn’t a webpage: it’s an email. Choose jpegs and gifs over PNGs under almost all email circumstances – and don’t forget to use the ‘-nosend-’ tag on all images, so they’ll appear correctly in the email.

Keep It Simple

Whether it’s Outlook’s Preview Pane before you open a message or the window after you double-click on it, very wide signatures will not render well. The industry standard is about 650 pixels – we’d even say that a signature should go a little thinner, at 600px, to make sure nothing gets taken off the edge.

Find The Right Ratio

Try not to let the images overwhelm the text – too large, too numerous or too tacky. Don’t lose the email in that signature. It’s hard. Every email is different: what looks right with blocks of text will look strange under a single sentence. Change how your signature looks on replies. The first email in a conversation may be longer, so a larger, bolder signature can make a professional first impression. Then, on replies, use a simpler, slimmer set-up to remind, not repulse.

Use Tables

For all your layout needs, turn to tables. Remember, you can simply leave the borders transparent if you don’t want to see a grid – we’re just talking about using them to place each part of your design. That way, we know exactly how wide it will be – and no more – and we know that each part of the signature will appear in the right place: no job titles getting squashed together or images appearing inexplicably in the wrong spot.


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