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Nimble CRM

The must-have intelligent social sales and marketing CRM for SMBs

What Is Nimble CRM?

Nimble CRM is the smart and simple social sales and marketing tool that’s perfect for the small business user. It works by building a CRM system around the way you work, creating intelligent ways for you to engage with customers at any point of the sales funnel.

It natively works alongside popular Microsoft software such as Office 365, Outlook, Skype and even Dynamics CRM by syncing your contacts, emails, calendars, and a lead or customer’s social history into one single place. Plus, you can access Nimble CRM quickly and easily through your web browser or via the downloadable app, meaning there’s no software to download so you can build your CRM as you work.

A Social CRM That Builds Around The Way You Work

CRM systems are often notorious for their complexities and intricacies when entering data manually or via import and export. They sometimes require lengthy system setup and network implementation, which can take up extra time and resources, plus they often require training for your sales and marketing teams to use. Combine all these little luxuries together and it’s easy to see why small to medium-sized businesses choose to dedicate their resources into more profitable projects instead.

Nimble CRM is different. It works inside your Office 365 or Outlook to extract contact information via its enriched AI browser plug-in so you don’t have to, leaving you free to maximise sales opportunities and build better relationships with prospects and current customers.

Going Mobile With Nimble CRM

With 130,000 users worldwide, Nimble is one of the most popular social selling applications on the market. Designed for easy usability, its mobile-first design allows you to leverage opportunities in a way no other CRM has been able to do before. With 100+ app integrations including MailChimp, Hootsuite, Shopify and Quickbooks, your employees can instantly work together to deliver targeted outbound sales and marketing campaigns.

The Nimble CRM mobile app gives you true mobility. It presents clear and concise contact company details, allows your employees to sync their calendar to deliver a daily agenda, and follow up on daily notes and tasks. Using the mobile app means your sales representatives have access to everything they would usually see on their desktop directly from their smart device. No fumbling for names, notes or what the client is interested in. Everything is at your fingertips.

Be Nimble Everywhere You Work

Nimble delivers relationship intelligence in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Angellist, Crunchbase, HootSuite, TweetDeck and more plus Mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android.


Nucleus Research, Survey of 223 CRM decision makers

Why Choose Nimble CRM?

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Pulls through contact information automatically and eliminates need to enter details manually, saving you time.

Easy To Use Dashboards

Allows your teams to easily manage daily relationships by using simple dashboards with access to real-time data for improved team collaboration.

Increase Customer Reach

Segment data and provide personalised emails where you can track and analyse the results, making business easier to manage.

Award-Winning Software

Nimble CRM was rated #1 for customer satisfaction for the fourth consecutive year by G2 Crowd in 2017, so you know their software is trusted.

Boost Sales Opportunities

Enables your employees to view the sales forecast and use the deal tracker feature to connect all contacts and activities for full pipeline visibility.needs are met.

Mobile-First Design

Work on the move with mobile and browser apps. It’s the only relationship manager and personal agenda tool you need.

Nimble's Unique Offering

The Simply Smarter Social Selling CRM

Nimble delivers relationship intelligence in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Angellist, Crunchbase, HootSuite, TweetDeck and more plus Mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android.

The CRM That Works For You, Everywhere You Work

Nimble is the first CRM that works wherever you’re engaging customers. The Smart Contacts App provides the context you need to connect intelligently and take action from any social site or business app.

Automatic Social Profile Matching

Nimble saves you time by suggesting additional social profiles for your contacts and companies, making it easy to add new profiles from Twitter, AngelList, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram and more.

Live Profiles On People And Companies

Nimble finds instant insights on people and companies by automagically building Live Profiles on anything, anywhere, on the fly: simply hover to discover and click to connect. Whether you’re working in your inbox or browsing the web, Nimble delivers profiles with essential details: who people are, where they work, where they are from, number of company employees, year founded, revenue, industry, CEO details, location, social profiles, contact info and more.

Intelligent Up-To-Date Relationship Insights

Nimble links the social profile details for all of your contacts and companies and keeps them up to date. It’s the first CRM that updates itself with the details you need: company name, title, location, experience, education, shared relationships, mutual interests and more.

One-Click Import And Updates

Nimble knows if you're in Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or even a Forbes article, and pulls details from emails and web pages with one click to create and enrich contact records.

Effortlessly Update, Organize, And Take Action

Organize your contacts with tags, log notes about the people you meet and schedule tasks to follow up at a later date.


Nucleus Research, Survey of 223 CRM decision makers

#1 Rated CRM Among Small Midsize & Sales Intelligence By G2 Crowd

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