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Email Archiving To Suit You

Arctitan Is A Flexible, Scalable, High Performance Email Archiving Solution.

A solution that takes email efficiency to the next level

Arctitan Key Features

Your Email Archive Stored Safely In The Cloud

Arctitan Benefits

Boost Employee Productivity

Eliminate PST Files

Increase Mail Server Efficiency

Superior Findability

Complies With Ediscovery

ArcTitan Key Benefits

Reduce Premium Storage Footprint On Mail Server:

ArcTitan compresses, deduplicates and encrypts email, and archives it on a separate server. Typical saving on premium storage space can be as much as 75%.

Mobile Access Take Arctitan Wherever You Go

The same great user experience whether you’re in your home office, a business meeting in Vienna or backpacking in the Amazon … AII the benefits of email archiving, anywhere, anytime.

Slash Time Searching For Lost Email

Arc Titan empowers end users to retrieve their own lost email from archive, saving time and reducing requests for help from IT Department. Reduce support calls by 25% by limiting formal and other search tasks.

Assist Dispute Resolution & Reputation Management:

Arc Titan keeps a secure, real-time copy of every email received by the mail server, with tamper-evident audit trail. Evidential-quality data may encourage out-of-court settlement.

Superior Findability:

Arc Titan’s super-fast, delegated search and intuitive search screens put every email sent or received in your mailbox at your fingertips, findable in seconds.Typically saves 80% of time taken for company-wide searches.

Streamline Mail Server Migration:

Arc Titan provides data capture and import utilities that manage legacy email data, reducing the volume of data to be migrated. Cut time and cost associated with migration by as much as 70%.

Eliminate PST Files:

Arc Titan assimilates legacy PST files into a single, searchable, secure archive. Organisations have saved more than 1 OOO support calls every year.

Cut Cost Of Mail Server Maintenance:

Arc Titan cuts time spent on routine back up and maintenance with archive and mirror, plus built-in selective restore functionality. Routine maintenance programs can be up to 50% faster.

We were pushing everything to the cloud, it made sense to have email archiving in the cloud too.

Luke Braham, Red

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