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Cloud Based Content Control And Malware Protection For Busines

What Is Webtitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud is a cloud based web filtering service which allows you to monitor, control and protect your business and users from online threats.

WebTitan Cloud allows you create a granular policy for your users to control internet access and block malware in your organisation. Comprehensive reporting allows you see inte you see internet activity in real time and also choose from a large number of predefined reports on usage.

The cloud based solution checks your DNS request against a predefined policy, thus allowing or blocking access to the requested URL. Only requiring a simple DNS redirect to the WebTitan servers makes set up simple and quick, allows for scale and eliminates latency.

Content Control And Malware Protection For Busines

The internet is critical to the majority of businesses nowadays. Unfortunately, malicious websites, spyware, and viruses present real threats to the business that just can’t be ignored. There is also a growing need for companies to filter content in order to protect their employees from unsavoury content or cut down on bandwidth costs. bandwidth costs.

WebTitan protects organisations from threats by managing the organisations internet traffic. It can regulate the content employees can access, protect the network from malware and malicious attacks online and control bandwidth usage

Why Use Webtitan Cloud?

WebTitan Cloud has been purpose built to offer robust control and protection to users, while being extraordinarily easy to set up and manage.

The solution is designed to integrate easily into the existing infrastructure and deployment is very straightforward. It allows the administrator to set up the solution and fo solution and forget about it, as it protects your users from malicious websites, and inappropriate sites

Content Control And Malware Protection For Busines

WebTitan is a robust, low management solution that integrates easily and can be deployed quickl

WebTitan Cloud Product Features

Cloud Based

Deployed as a cloud based service, it is a DNS based solution requiring simple DNS redirect to the WebTitan servers. This makes it simple to set up and manage. It facilitates scale and eliminates latenc.

Flexible Policy Creation

Using WebTitan Cloud you can easily create and manage your own policy to protect your users, including whitelists and blacklists of URL’s and domains.

Malware & Phishing Protection

Protect your network from malware and phishing attacks with WebTitan’s categories of malware protection. WebTitan will block access to compromised websites, malicious websites, spam based websites and spyware


Customers have access to a full suite of over 50 predefined reports on user or group activity. Real time browsing activity can also be viewed. These reports can be scheduled, or exported in multiple formats.

Policy Exceptions (Cloud Keys)

WebTitan Cloud allows the administrator to create exceptions to the general inte exceptions to the general internet policy. Known as Cloud Keys; they can be created instantly and allow the user to bypass a policy rule. Each Cloud Key can be created for single or multiple users, controlled by time or date.

Roaming Devices

WebTitan is Perfect for BYOD environments where employees use multiple devices on and o employees use multiple devices on and off site. WebTitan Cloud offers you cloud based DNS Filtering to bring powerful enterprise filtering to all your users, regardless of their location.

Enforce Safe Search

WebTitan allows safe search to be enforced with a single click. This means that safe search is then enabled for google, yahoo and bing Google SafeSearch is a powerful setting focused on reducing the inappropriate content from both search and image search result

User Identification

Use the WebTitan DNS Proxy in conjunction with WebTitan Cloud to identify individual users and report on their activity. The WebTitan DNS Proxy is a small install on premise or in a virtual environment which integrates with active directory or LDAP to allow you to create per user or per group reporting for your organisation. This allows for more granular control and reporting.

URL Filterin

WebTitan Cloud filters website URLs into 53 predefined categories such as social media, news, pornography, gambling etc. The system contains over 500 million website add website addresses in 200 languages, each sorted into the predefined categories. Combined with cloud based look up, users get highly accurate and flexible filtering based on the website’s content.

WebTitan Cloud Technical Specifications

Cloud Based Service

Malware Protection

Custom Policies



DNS Filtering And Web Security From Webtitan Key Product Features

Malware Blocking

Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites

Content Filtering

Eliminates Malicious Content At The Source

Flexible Policies

Different Considerations For Different Environments

Secure BYOD

Obligation For Businesses To Provide Secure Wifi

Scalable & Fast

Solutions Can Handle Any Volume Of Usage With No Latency


Delivering All The Reporting You Need To Control And Protect

All API Driven

Remote Management And Monitoring Via API

Best Support

Renowned For Our Top Class Support Team

Phishing Prevention

AI-Powered Protection Against Active And Emerging Phishing Urls Including Zero-Minute Threats

Malicious Detection Service

Monitor And Identify Malicious Threats In Real-Time With Unmatched Speed, Scale, And Accuracy.

Malware Blocking

Newly Identified Threats Are Immediately Propagated To Database Deployments Worldwide To Provide Maximum Coverage And Protection Against Emerging, Zero-Hour Threats.

Business Email Compromise

Protect Against BEC And Email Account Compromise

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