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Vade Secure is the worldwide leader in predictive email defense, protecting over 500 million mailboxes in 76 nations. Our technology delivers best-in-class filtering accuracy via a layered strategy which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning together with intelligent patterns and human intelligence from the Vade 24/7 follow-the-sun Security Operations Centers. Vade has an established record of blocking unknown, smallwave and highly targeted malware, spear phishing, and malware attacks from the very first email. Besides email security, Vade Secure is a pioneer in more general email filtering, offering an extensive set of productivity-enhancing graymail management and secure unsubscribe tools. Our solutions are tailored for businesses, in addition to ISPs, telcos, OEMs, and hosting companies.

Why Protect Microsoft 365 With Vade Secure?

There is a common misconception among companies that Microsoft’s bolted-on  Microsoft 365 safety tools are sufficient to block the vast majority of email-borne attacks. But up to 40 percent of Microsoft 365 deployments rely on third party applications to fill gaps in safety and compliance, because of the ever-evolving seriousness of cyber security breaches.

Evade costly security breaches and improve your Microsoft 365 using the most advanced email protection solution from Vade Secure. With 14 years’ experience, Vade Secure protects 500 million mailboxes in 76 countries worldwide meaning that over 5,000 customers have put their trust in them.

Why Trust Vade Secure?

Entiredly focused on email security

over 14 years experience

500 million mailboxes protected worldwide

Over 5,000 customers

A 95% yearly renewal rate

Worldwide company - french origins but global coverage: san francisco, boston, vancouver, montreal, lille, paris, hong-kong, tokyo

What Is Advanced Email Security For Microsoft 365?

The severity of cyber-attacks and email-borne risks is increasing year-on-year, with hackers targeting Microsoft Exchange at an alarming pace. Enabling Exchange Online Protection (EOP) or Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for mailboxes is not sufficient to discourage the most sophisticated attacks from targeting your clients, such as one-off spear phishing, which often escape detection. Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365 by Vade Secure blocks major zero-day malware and ransomware, spear-phishing and company email compromise (BEC) attacks by identifying and analysing every email to forecast malicious patterns. With 24/7 global threat intelligence, it is protection that resides inside Microsoft 365, so you don’t need to.

Malware & Ransomware

Vade fights malware by analysing the email roots (IP reputation), contents (code parser for attachments) and the context of this threat using artificial intelligence for optimum efficiency. Zero-hour detection and immunity to multi-form malware are its key features.


Vade Secure’s Anti-Phishing Solution performs real-time behavioral analysis on the whole email to detect and block phishing attacks, protecting clients from unknown attacks.

Spear Phishing & BEC

Vade Secure utilizes IdentityMatch technologies to detect minor theoretical and technical changes of mails which produce dangerous emails difficult to recognize. It can detect if malware is trying to usurp identity. Attached files and URL links can also be inspected so as to prevent malware insertions.

Spam & Graymail

The email filter analyses and classifies message contents, priority mails and identifies other mails by their category. Users can access no-priority mails (alarms, advertisements, newsletters, etc) and spam if necessary, but the undesirable emails are isolated.

Vade Secure Advantages

Fully integrate into the O365 environment, no MX record update required

Delivers the best filtering accuracy with data-driven Machine-Learning models

Automatically mitigate attacks post delivery

Automatically categorize low priority emails

Email Security Specialist

From its creation, Vade Secure provides solutions that protect users against the most complicated email-borne attacks such as Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spear Phishing…

Language independent, the filter analyzes all mails (hyperlinks, attached documents, content…) to detect all risks in zero-day, even the most concentrated strikes.
After removing all threats, we remove the aggravation of low priority mails with Graymail Management (email classification). Ads, social network newsletters and notifications are automatically sent to users’ existing Outlook folders, whereas the Safe Unsubscribe button enables the user to get rid of unsolicited communications in a single click.

Thus, Vade Secure supplies 360-degree protection for email messaging, making email boxes more secure and productive.

Vade Secure For Microsoft 365

Provides best-in-class protection and graymail management with a solution that’s fully transparent to end users, enabling them to continue using the familiar Office 365 interface.

To prevent spear phishing or BEC attacks, Vade Secure for Office 365 builds a technical profile for each individual with which each employee communicates. Upon detecting any anomalies, the solution displays a banner (in the same of the company) within the email alerting the user that the message might be malicious.

Best-in-class protection against all forms of malware and ransomware, including polymorphic and zeroday attacks.

The Vade Secure filter automatically blocks spam and classifies low-priority graymail (e.g. newsletters, promotions, social notifications) into existing Office 365 folders. Improve users’ experience and productivity with a cleaner inbox that enables them to focus on their most important emails.

Moreover, One-click safe unsubscribe easily eliminates unsolicited communications.

The Advantages Of Using Vade Secure

360° Email Protection

Shield users against to the most complicated email-borne strikes, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, spear phishing and spam, for complete peace of mind.

Bolts Onto EOP

Vade Secure's solution works natively with Office 365 and Exchange Online Protection, improving its security tools with real time threat intelligence.

Avoid Clicks On Malicious URLS

Vade Secure crawls the URL and page in real time, following any redirections in order to determine whether the final page is fraudulent. In addition to the content, we analyze the context of the URL/page - when the message is received and any time a user clicks. Admins can receive alerts when users click on links even after they've been warned they're malicious.

Banner-Based Warnings

Builds anonymous technical and behavioural profiles to identify imposters from spear-phishing and BEC attacks, warning users with a customisable banner which is displayed in the email.

Native User Experience

Continue using the familiar Office 365 experience without a separate quarantine.

24/7 Global Threat Intelligence

Vade Secure analyses and shields over 500 million mailboxes daily. AI and machine-based learning models are always fine by fresh data from emerging threats, keeping users protected.

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